Princess Cake

Another birthday, another cake. I keep asking the kids if they want a fancy bakery cake, but they keep saying, “No! Gabba cake!” Raymond wanted an Avengers cake with strawberries from the garden. When I asked Reta Jean what kind of cake she wanted, she looked at me like I was not so bright and said, “BIRTHDAY cake, Gabba.” Well, duh, Punky! Any other requests? Pink, sparkles, princess and jelly beans. Well, OK. Let’s see what we can do.

I pulled together everything I thought I would need. I try to make everything from scratch, but Reta Jean’s birthday landed in the middle of a week and a half of guests. I had to cheat on the frosting. Carly thought Reta Jean would like a pound cake, which was great to me since it takes lots of eggs. I baked the cake in a tube pan so we’d have a hole in the middle, and also baked 5 little cupcakes. There was a plan brewing, and all I had to do was figure out how I was going to pull it all together.


 While the cake was baking, I got to work on the “towers.” I’ve been on Pinterest enough to have an idea of what to do. First step, melt white chocolate and color it pink. Next step, roll sugar cones in the pink chocolate.

Melted Chocolate     Dipping Cones

It takes a couple of rolls to get a smooth coat of chocolate. If I had more time, I would have rolled the top part of the cone first, and let it dry, then roll the pointy end. As it was, there was a little time crunch, and they ended up a little messy. Fortunately, Reta Jean was turning 3, and as long as the cake resembled a castle, I thought I was in pretty good shape.

Before the chocolate hardened, I dipped the rim in pink sugar. I also sprinkled the top, and added a little candy ball. I attached the ball with a little more melted chocolate. This added to the mess, but it looked much better with the little ball. Even though they weren’t as Pinterest-y as I would have liked, I think the overall look was really cute.

All Towers

Have you been wondering about the cupcakes? They’re to hold the jelly beans in the cones! I frosted the cupcakes with pink frosting, filled the cones with jelly beans, and plugged up the cones with the cupcakes.

Cupcakes  Jelly Beans

The cake is done and frosted, and I filled up the hole in the middle with jelly beans. I sliced the top of the cake to make it smooth. Then, I cut a small circle from this extra piece of cake, and covered the jelly bean hole with it. All that’s left is putting it all together. I sprinkled the cake with more pink sugar, and used more little candy balls to ring the cake and cupcakes, and make a castle door.


Reta Jean loved it so much, she clapped and did a little wiggly dance. That was all I wanted! As it turned out, the cupcake/cone/jelly bean combination was the perfect serving size for little kids.  As happy as Reta Jean was to see the cake, all the kids giggled and cheered when we removed the cupcakes from the cones and jelly beans poured out. All the adults knew there were jelly beans in there, and it didn’t occur to me that the kids didn’t know about them. It was a really fun surprise for them. When we cut into the actual cake, even more jelly beans spilled out.

Pretty easy, overall. If I bake another castle, I’ll make sure I have more time, and fine-tune some of the decorations. As long as I can get giggles, grins, and happy dances, I’ll consider it a success!