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Bug Out!

The frogs are chirping, the birds are tweeting, the flowers are blooming, and the bugs are EVERYWHERE! Spring is my new favorite time of year. The sun is out, the local fields are being plowed and planted, and everything is getting a chance to dry out.

Even though we just came out of the wettest winter in Washington history, we are now having record high temperatures. It was 94 yesterday. with no air conditioning. Huh.

I have to open up the house to keep it cool, BUT none of the windows are made to open, and the doors don’t have screens.  But the bugs! Flies and mosquitoes and wasps, oh my!

I hit up the internet for temporary screens, because we’re renting and can’t put up permanent screen doors. After looking at all the options, I decided I could make something better, and something that fits better, than anything I could buy. So, off to Lowe’s to see what I can pull together.

They have 25′ rolls of screen for about $18, and a shower curtain rod will fit all the way across the French doors. I can do this! Here’s what I did.


  • Screen (The vinyl stuff, not the metal because it has to be sewn)
  • Shower rod
  • Fabric

The doors in our bedroom are 6 feet across and 7 feet high. The roll of screen is 4 feet wide. I first made a screen for our dining room door, and learned that the screen kind of shrinks up if it’s not stretched in a frame. For the bedroom, I cut the screen a little bigger to make sure it covered the whole doorway.


  • Cut screen longer than door opening. I cut mine 8 feet for a 7 foot door.
  • Cut fabric for a pocket for the shower rod and for the edges of the screen
    • I cut the top strip 8 feet across and 10 inches wide
    • I cut the edge strips 8 feet by 6 inches
  • Fold fabric in half lengthwise and press
  • Fold edges in 1 inch and press



  • Sew the raw edge of the fabric along the edge of the screen with 3/4″ seam
  • Fold fabric around edge of screen and fold in the edge you pressed
  • Sew down the folded edge
  • Repeat on 2nd section of screen
  • Overlap the fabric strips at the top of each screen and sew them together
    • This overlaps the screen panels so they won’t gap open
  • Sew the fabric across the top just like you did to the fabric down the sides
    • Because this fabric is wide, it will make a pocket about 4 inches wideTop Screen
  • Trim the screen across the bottom, if necessary
  • Put rod through pocket and install it in doorway

Full Screen

Fresh air in, bugs out! The added bonus is that the dogs can get in and out on their own. Next winter I can take them down and put them away until the sun comes out again. Easy peasy!