Gabba’s School for Glorious Girls

Raymond started kindergarten today! He’s been so excited for the past week, Beats was sad that she didn’t get to go to school, too.

raymondI decided we could do school right here. I was a teacher. I can handle this!

Beats got a preschool work book over the summer. The plan is to do one page from each section, each day. She even packed a lunch last night when Raymond packed his.

beatsWe did great with matching colors. She knew the whale “should” be blue, but she decided to color it orange. Gabba approved.  Her teachers may not appreciate me someday, but I figure if she can tell me a tree is usually green, she can color it like a rainbow if she wants. ( #dontsquashthespirit ).

Then we moved on to counting. It went a little something like this:

  • Gabba: How many corns are there?
  • Beats: One
  • G: Awesome! Write the “1”
  • G: How many carrots?
  • B: 2
  • G: Great! Write the “2”
  • B: No. Three
  • G: But there are 2
  • B: But I want there to be 3. I like carrots.
  • G: But there are only 2
  • B: Well, there should be 3. Carrots are good for you.
  • G: OK. How many bananas?
  • B: 1, 2, 3…SIX!
  • G: I think 3 is probably right.
  • B: Why didn’t they draw the other 3?
  • G: What do you mean?
  • B: There should be 6, but they only drew 3.
  • G: OK. We can skip that one. I’ll let the book people know they did it wrong. How many pears?
  • B: Four!
  • G: Awesome! How many grapes?
  • B: 1, 2, 3…I don’t know. Like, one hundred?
  • G: 100? Let’s count them together.
  • B: (Counting each individual grape) 1, 2, 3…Like, maybe a hundred!
  • G: I think they mean the bunches of grapes, and there are 5.
  • B: But they didn’t draw 5. They drew a lot, a lot, a lot. The should have made 5 carrots. Carrots are good. They shouldn’t make little kids count so many grapes. I like eating grapes. I don’t like counting grapes.
  • G: Recess!
  • B: Yay!!! I need my tiara.


I hope Raymond is having a great day! We’ll try again tomorrow.